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An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were all talking about their plans to make a lot of money.
'I'm going to buy a herd of cows,' said The Englishman, 'milk them morning and night and sell The milk.'
'I'm going to buy a flock of sheep,' said The Scotsman, 'shear them twice a year and sell The wool.'
'Both your plans involve too much hard work,' said The Irishman. 'I'm just going to buy a swarm of bees, and every morning at daybreak I'll release them into The park opposite my house. They will visit every flower in The park and make honey while I relax.'
'But The park doesn't open its gates until nine o'clock,' said The Englishman.
'I know where there is a hole in The fence,' said The Irishman.


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