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The Chefs Challenge

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman went into a restaurant which advertised that they would pay 1,000 if you ordered a dish they could not serve.
'I'll have yak's eye soup,' said The Englishman but to his amazement he was served with a steaming hot bowl of yak's eye soup.
I'll have cuckoo's nest soup,' said The Scotsman and he was amazed to have his order served, beautifully garnished.
I'll have elephant's kidneys on toast,' said The Irishman, and a few minutes later The waiter returned with a cheque for 1,000.
'I knew you'd never have elephant's kidneys,' said The Irishman.
'We have lots of them,' said The waiter, 'but we've just run out of bread.'


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