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Have you heard about the Corkman who took up water polo?
His horse got drowned.

Have you heard about the Corkman's dog who was sitting by the fire eating a bone?
When he got up he realised he had only three legs.

'My wife is most unreasonable', a Corkman told a marriage counsellor.
'Could you give me an example of her behaviour?' asked the counsellor.
'Yes', said the Corkman, 'only the other night I was having a bath when she burst into the bathroom and sank all my toy boats'.

A Corkman saw a sign outside a restaurant:
So he went inside and ordered one. He was served with a dish of Indian meal.

One Corkman owed another £5 for over a year so he finally decided to pay up.
'Do you know', said the second Corkman, 'I'd completely forgotten that I had lent you that money'.
'If only you'd told me that', said the first Corkman, 'I could have saved myself £5'.

'Gentlemen of the jury', shouted the crier in a Cork court, 'please proceed to your accustomed places'. The court erupted as the twelve Corkmen proceeded to cram themselves into the dock.

A Corkman's bicycle was stolen so he telephoned the Guards and reported the incident as follows:
'I came out of the pub and there was my new bike up against the wall, gone'.

How do you know if a Corkman and his wife are about to have a baby?
They put a Family Planning application notice in the newspapers.

A Corkman went into a restaurant in an area notorious for pickpockets and petty thefts. Seeing a notice:
WATCH YOUR COAT CAREFULLY. He sat in a position where he had a clear view of the coatrack all through his meal. When he came outside he found his trousers were missing.

On seeing a lobster pot for the first time and having been told what it was called, a Corkman exclaimed, 'I don't believe it. How would you get a lobster to sit on one of those things?'


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