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Custom Sunday

In a small Tipperary village it was customary for the local farmers' daughters to sit on a wall outside the church after Sunday Mass so that the local matchmaker could walk prospective clients to see the girls on display a kind of a 'Sitting on the Bridge below the town' situation. One Sunday the matchmaker, a prospective husband and the young man's. father passed by and one girl who had been earmarked was examined by the youth and his father and both were suitably impressed. Details of the girl's dowry were haggled about and eventually a deal was made. Suddenly the young man stopped the proceedings and announced that he wanted to see the girl 'striding out.' Taken aback, the matchmaker tried to dissuade the young man saying that he shouldn't be all that interested in her walking prowess but the client was adamant. The matchmaker went to the girl and told her to walk past the lad and his father and the young man's wisdom was proven for the girl had a rather bad limp. The young man protested, the father and the matchmaker tried to get him to ignore the girl's limp. In desperation, the matchmaker finally shouted at the lad:'What the blazes are you worried about? A young lad like you shouldn't be interested in a steeplechaser. You'll be only wanting her for the flat.'


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