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Irish Farmer Jokes

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An Au Pair Girl In A Farmhouse Writes Home

No Business Like Show Business

Best Fed

Not So Smart

Collector Of Subscriptions

Pig Sty

Court Brawl

Place the Story

Custom Sunday

Plank Drunk

Directions Please

Pleading Guilty

Dishonest Tourist

Reading Nightmare

Display Of Talent

Rules Of The Competition

Dont Tell Everyone

Secret Code

Enlightening Experience

Smart Husband

Farmer Limerick

The Big Dig

Farmer's Joke

The Gaeltacht farmers argued

Farmhouse Holidays

The Inspector

Fine Hen

The Lowly Farmer Turned Politician

Garda Announcement

The Mouldy Loaf

Getting To Grips

The New Rector

Holiday Tragedy

The Tale of The Labourer

Holly Church

The Wheelbarrowed Sow

Holy Moly

Tiny Minds

I Confess

Tom And Jim


Trustworthy Farmer

Is That All...

Using Your Initiative


Water Contamination

Know Your Carrots

The Well Known Farmer

Learning Golf

What A Load Of Bull

Loving Experience

What Lane Did You Say You Had Her In?

No Bad Thoughts



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