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Secret Code

A secret agent was sent to Ireland, having been told that he was to contact a spy called Tadgm McGillicudy. The code he was to use was: "The brown bull is in the green field.'
On a country boreen the agent met a farmer and told him he was looking for a Tadgin McGillicudy.
'Well now, fella, that's not sufficient information,' said the farmer, 'for in this barony alone there's a quare few Tadgin McGillicudys. There's a Tadgin Mar, for one. Then there's Tadgin Glic, Tadgin the Weasel, Tadgin the Plover and Tadgin with the loose gallases.'
The secret agent felt that he had to use the code and he furtively mumbled:
The brown bull is in the green field.'
'Ah for pity's sake,' said the farmer, 'it's Tadgin the Spy you're looking for.'


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