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The Gaeltacht farmers argued:

Se&i: 'Are you sure you were right about that "adultery" thing?'
Peadar: 'Yes, of course I'm sure. It's an Irish sentence: a' dul tri'd-vntti the "d" dropped. "Passing through" it means. It refers to-to- breaking wind down.'
Sean: 'Aye. That's what you told me all right and the missioner was giving off something terrible about it so I told it in confession. He asked me how many times I did it .and I said, "Maybe a couple of times after a good feed of spuds or five or six times if I had a big supper".'
Peadar: 'I told him too and he asked me where I did it and I said everywhere I felt like it.'
Sean: 'He asked me if I did it in bed and I said that I would if I was sleeping at home. Then he asked me if the wife didn't mind.'
Peadar: 'And what did you say?'
Sean: 'I said that she didn't mind at all because she was deaf.'


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