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The Lowly Farmer Turned Politician

From humble beginnings he came,
A pleasant and lovable lad.
In manhood he met with acclaim
And went to Dail Eireann, bedad.
In mohair he ran his affairs (Pinstripe Wellingtons on his week-ends)
Learned of Edams and fine Camerberts And thought less and less of his friends.
Full of avarice, then, he became And soon led his party to power.
Obsessed with importance and fame,
Turned big-headed, foppish and sour.

His lawyers advised, in old age
That grave-space he ought to acquire.
Quotations left him in a rage
The prices grew higher and higher.
Eventually he did buy
A plot. 'What expense!' your man says. .
'What a waste, when it's certain that I
Will be in it FOR ONLY THREE DAYS.'


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