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English counterfeiters

Two English counterfeiters had produced thousands of genuine-looking notes - £50, £20, £10 - and really they should have been happy with their lot. Much wants more, and they scrambled through the discarded notes that had not passed close scrutiny. Among the jumble they came upon a perfectly fine note - watermarked, queen's head in exactly the right place. The only trouble was that the amount shown was £18.

'Never mind,' said Brown, the bossman. 'We'll unload it when we're over in Ireland.'

And so they took the note with them and, whilst in Kerry, they entered a corner shop to dispense with it.

'Excuse me,' said Brown to shopkeeper Casey. 'Have you got change for an £18 note?'

'Indeed, sir,' said Casey. 'And would you like three sixes or two nines?'


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