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The umbrella

The old priest had come to visit a sick parishioner in a lonely farmhouse in the west of Ireland. He arrived on a freezing cold, torrentially wet day and was greeted by the farmer and his two sons.

'Come in, Father. My wife is through in the parlour. There's a roaring fire that'll warm the cockles of your heart. Finbar, bring the father a whiskey. Eugene, shake the rain off Father's umbrella and bring it into the house.'

No matter how Eugene manoeuvred the umbrella, he couldn't get it through the front door.

'Finbar, will you help me with this contraption, it's too wide to come through the lobby,' he called.

'Don't worry,' said the priest. Till do it.'

So saying, he pressed the catch which released the spring and the umbrella collapsed down. 'Did you see that,' said Finbar with complete reverence. 'They certainly do have the power!'


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