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Lost in the desert

Legionnaire Molloy had become detached from the regiment and wandered aimlessly across the burning desert sand. Hour after hour, day after day, he trudged on, water all gone, almost totally dehydrated. At almost his last breath he rounded a sand dune and there stood an immaculately dressed Arab with a tray around his neck.

'Water, water, for God's sake give me water,' screamed Molloy.

'Do you want to buy a tie?' asked the Arab.

'Indeed I don't,' said Molloy, and stumbled on.

Two miles later he came across a second Arab, again immaculately dressed, a tray around the neck.

'Water, water - you must give me water!' mumbled Molloy.

'No water, effendi. But do you want to buy a tie?' said the Arab.

'I don't, I don't,' bellowed Molloy and on he stumbled.

Two miles later he couldn't believe his eyes. Mirage? No! It was for real - a beautiful hotel set in an oasis, swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts. Up the steps shuffled Molloy, calling:

'Thank God I'm saved. Water, please, water!'

Out stepped a smartly dressed doorman who said:

'I'm sorry sir, but you can't come in if you're not wearing a tie!'


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