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Maiden flight

It was the maiden flight of the new Jumbo Jet 747-400. Mr and Mrs Murphy had been lucky enough to get seats aboard. There they sat, in comfortable seats, with not a care in the world, as the captain of the plane addressed the passengers on the tannoy.

'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard this beautiful aeroplane. It was built by the finest technology the world has ever seen - it is a miracle of modem engineering!'

Pat Murphy smiled at Molly with pride and joy in his eyes as the pilot went on:

'On your left you can see the full-size cinema aboard. On your right is the bowling alley. Below you, downstairs, is the Olympic-size swimming pool and race track. Over your heads, one floor up, is the bar, disco and restaurant.'

Happily the Murphys began to relax, just as they heard the captain conclude by saying:

'So if you'd all like to sit back and take it easy I'll try and get this thing off the floor!'


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