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Learning French

Casey had decided on a holiday with a difference. No seaside this year, no holiday park, no caravan. No, this year he would go abroad. Somewhere in Europe. France? Yes, France.

'But surely you'll have terrible trouble with the language,' suggested Kelly.

'Not at all,' said Casey. 'Sure I've studied French for over two weeks and I have it off to a T.'

'Well, give me an example,' pressed Kelly, totally unconvinced.

'Well,' explained Casey, 'supposing I was lost in France and I was hungry. I would go to a farmhouse and say to the farmer: Pardonnez moi monsieur, avez-vous un oeuf? and he'd give me an egg.'

'That's all very well,' argued Kelly. 'But supposing you want two eggs, what then?'

'Exactly the same,' sighed Kelly. 'I would say: Avez vous trois oeufs? and he'd give me three and I'd give him one back!'


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