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Brady's woes

Brady didn't like school and school didn't seem to like him. He was a slow thinker and a very slow learner.

He always said it took him three years to get a tick. Apparently he was the only child in St Bridget's to actually fail in milk!

But it wasn't just school that showed up Brady's lack of nous, it was also the things he said. He and six pals sat in the corner of the pub and the barmaid was asked to bring pints all round. She approached the seven, with six glasses on a tray, and Brady said:

'Whenever there's a pint missing I always get it! I'm the world's unluckiest man. If it was raining soup I'd be standing here with a fork in me hand.'

'You really are unlucky,' said the barmaid. 'What's your name?'

'Oh God, you've caught me on the hop there,' said Brady, scratching his head.

'Concentrate,' said the girl.

'No,' muttered Brady. 'It's longer than that!'


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