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Debt problems

The recession had hit hard and things were not good for Liam Flynn. He'd hung on to his job but the overtime had dropped to nothing and he was really scratching along. Unfortunately he'd incurred a huge HP burden during the good times, and now found it impossible to keep up all the payments. He'd had demands, red letters, threats, even writs, and for months he'd ridden the storm. But now it was getting too difficult to cope, and naturally that's when the Irish rise above all adversity. First he got a letter stating:

'If no payment is made within the next seven days, we are coming to take away your TV, your video, your dining suite, your microwave, your sound system, your washing machine and your bedroom suite. What would your neighbours think of that?'

Liam replied, 'I've had a word with the neighbours and they think it would be a lousy trick!'

Next he got a letter saying:

'This letter is a threat of legal action against you and your estate. Unless you make some form of payment immediately, we will apply for a warrant to enter your premises forthwith and remove property at will.'

This time Liam wrote:

'Look, friend. I have many bills and few pounds. It is impossible for me to pay every one, every month, so to be fair to all, I place all the bills in a hat, shuffle them up, and draw out four which I then pay. If you don't stop this ceaseless threatening, then next month I won't even put your invoice in the hat!'


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