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That's Lenin

Seamus Cohen, the Russian Jew with Irish ancestors, was leaving Russia. Having been expelled by the Brezhnev regime he was being searched at Moscow airport by the RGB. In his bag they found a bust, recently painted by the looks of it.

'What is this?' asked the secret service man.

'What? What? This is not a what, it's a who. It's a bust of our dear departed leader Lenin, the greatest man of all time. I'm taking it to Ireland to be part of a shrine to the man.'

Suitably impressed the KGB let him leave but it wasn't long before he was being asked similar questions as he tried to pass customs at Dublin airport.

'What is this?' they asked.

'What? What? This is not a what, it's a who. It's Lenin, the most evil man in the history of the world. I'm going to place it in my bedroom in my son's house to remind me of all the anguish I suffered in Russia, and how fortunate I am to live here in beautiful Erin.'

Satisfied, the immigration officials allowed Cohen entry and he straightaway made tracks for his son's home in Kildare. Unpacking his bags he brought out the bust of Lenin.

'Who's that?' asked son Michael.

'Who? Who? That's not a who, it's a what,' said Cohen. 'And I'll tell you what that is. Four kilos of platinum, that's what that is, son!'


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