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The firms annual outing

Murphy was spotted driving along the motorway at a steady speed and apparently in no trouble. Suddenly though he indicated left and pulled on to the hard shoulder. Out of the car he jumped and opened the boot. From a large bag Murphy produced a paper hat, streamers, a bottle of lemonade, two sausage rolls and a chocolate cake. Having drunk the lemonade and eaten the grub he launched into a little Irish jig. The whole proceedings lasted about ten minutes, then Murphy was back at the wheel and driving again.

Curious, the police followed him at a distance and half an hour later they saw him stop and re-run the whole procedure. This was too much for the lawmen so they decided to tackle the Irishman.

'Can we ask you the reason for all the stops and the food, drink and Irish jigs?'

'Well, officer,' explained Murphy, 'I'm on the firm's outing.'

'But there's only you here,' argued the policeman.

'I know,' said Murphy. 'I'm self-employed!'


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