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Building Contractor

A fellow wanted to have/his house renovated, but thought that all the estimates he received were too high. Finally he consulted a Kerry building contractor who came to view his house. Til completely redecorate your bedroom for £15', said the Kerryman.
'Great', said the fellow, 'all the others wanted at least £100'.
At this the Kerryman rushed over to the window and shouted out 'Green side up, green side up'.
'How about the bathroom?' asked the fellow, 'the others wanted at least £250'.
'My men and I will do it for £38.57', said the Kerryman, whereupon he rushed to the window and shouted 'Green side up, green side up'.
"Well you seem to be the man I've been looking for' said the fellow, 'just tell me one thing, why do you go to the window and shout "Green side up, green side up?"
That's just technical information to my workmen', said the Kerryman, 'they're laying a lawn next door'.


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