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Did you hear about the Kerry woman in the Killarney mental hospital?
She talks to herself all day and tries to have the last word.

What is the first thing to be done at a Kerry wedding after the priest says, 'I now pronounce you man and wife?'
They take the handcuffs off the bridegroom.

What would happen If a Kerry woman married a flower?
She would have blooming idiots for children.

Did you hear about the Kerry girl who talked too much?
She was vaccinated with a gramophone needle!

An exceptionally fat woman went up to the counter in a Tralee drapery store and asked for a brassiere. What bust, ma'am?' asked the sales girl.
'I don't know,' replied the fat customer, 'I didn't hear anything.'

Kerrry woman charged with assaulting her husband:
'I asked him if he loved me and he was so long thinking about it that I let him have it with the handle of a brush.'

Did you hear about the Kerry woman whose doctor told her that she needed a change and some salt air. Her husband started to fan her with a herring!

A farmer proposed to the Kerry girl who was a little slow to accept.
'He's so Irreligious,' she said. 'He doesn't believe in Hell.'
'Go ahead and marry him,' said the father, 'he'll find out quick enough how wrong he is.'

Then there was the Kerry girl who wanted to write 'Happy Birthday' on a cake. She spent several hours trying to get the cake into the typewriter.

Did you hear about the beauty contest in Kerry?
Nobody won.


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