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I once cheated

So Mooney died and went to heaven where he was greeted by the venerable gentleman at the gates.

'And who are you, my son?' asked the saint.

'Eamonn Mooney, your holiness. On earth I was a famous international soccer player,' said the would-be entrant.

'And in your life did you do anything really sinful?' said the holy one.

'Well, only once,' replied Mooney. 'It was during an international match against England at Wembley. In the last minute of the game I broke through and scored the winning goal. However, what no one knew was that I handled the ball before putting it in the net. So really I cheated.'

'Indeed no,' smiled the saint. 'Not at all. Sure that wasn't a sin only a wee wee naughty little jape in you go enjoy heaven, my son.'

'Thank you, Saint Peter,' said Mooney.

'No, no, son,' said the old man, 'I'm not Saint Peter. I'm Saint Patrick!'


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