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Not visiting church?

So Father Murphy was making his usual Friday night calls on various houses in his parish. He genuinely worried about the religious affairs of the Mullen family, few of whom he ever saw at Sunday Mass, and decided to call in just to chivvy them along.

'Come in, Father,' said Katy Mullen. 'It's a pleasure to have you call. Have a cup of tea and a bun.'

Duly fed and watered, Father Murphy began the inquisition.

'I hope you're all still going to Sunday mass,' he said.

'Indeed we are,' replied Katy. 'Every Sunday regular - sometimes in the week as well.'

'And I hope you're all still saying the rosary together,' he furthered.

'Oh yes, Father,' said Mrs Mullen. 'Every evening without fail, twice at weekends.'

'And I trust you're still reading the Bible to these children?' said the priest.

'Oh yes, Father, every morning and every evening,' said Katy. 'Josephine, go and get that big book I'm always reading.'

Josephine returned with a Argos Catalogue!


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