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Visiting missionary

So there stood the visiting missionary Father O'Sullivan, six feet tall, so red in the face he was nearly purple. As he stared from the pulpit he scanned the crowded church and, without warning, launched into an almighty tirade.

'Let me tell yez all this. Then I'll tell you no more,' he bellowed. The whole parish is going to hell. Everyone in this parish is going to hell!'

Stunned silence - open mouths - fear filled eyes -laughter. Laughter? Laughter? - from whom? Laughter from a little old man in the front row.

The whole parish is going to hell. Every man, woman and child is going to hell. No escape, yez are all doomed.'

Silence - well, almost. All were transfixed except our little friend at the front. He was almost in hysterics.

'Didn't you hear me?' said Father O'Sullivan. 'I said the whole parish is going to hell.'

'I know,' said the old man, 'but I'm from the next parish, Father.'


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