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Not enough parachutes

The plane had developed engine trouble and the pilot had collapsed while trying to control the steep dive. The passengers scrambled for safety, but they could only find three parachutes and there were four of them. What to do? It was hard to think for the noise of the big Texan yapping off about what he'd done in the war and how he'd succeeded in life and how he should be saved above all the others.

'Indeed that's true,' said the archbishop, 'you should take one parachute.' Without further argument the American grabbed the chute and leaped out.

'And you, my dear,' said the holy man to the young nurse. 'You must be saved. Because you have so much to offer and so much to live for.' Out leapt the nurse with the second chute. 'And now,' said the archbishop. 'Now ..." 'Wait a moment,' said the boy scout. 'There's only one chute left your eminence, and you must take it.' 'Indeed, my son, we will both be saved. There are two parachutes left,' said his grace.

Two?' stuttered the boy scout. 'How so?' 'Simple,' said the archbishop. 'I gave the big-mouthed Yank your haversack!'


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