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Missed you

Father O'Sullivan did like his golf. 'Twas the only earthly passion that he had and he unashamedly indulged in it whenever possible. Regrettably he had one minor defect in his personality that ill-equipped him for the game and that was his quick-fire temper. So rather than calm and tranquillise the holy man, the golf served to incense him to the nth degree.

One Tuesday morning in particular, while playing in the Curates Cup event he really went overboard, slinging clubs and constantly shouting 'Missed you, you swine!'

'Calm down,' said Reverend McGee. 'Sure the Almighty will lose his rag with you if he hears what you're shouting.'

This did nothing to stop O'Sullivan's rampant behaviour. He swung, he failed to connect:

'Missed you, you swine!' he screamed.

He readdressed the ball, swung, failed to connect, 'Missed you, you swine!' he bellowed.

Think what you're saying,' said Reverend McGee, to no avail.

Again the club was swung, again a fresh air shot. 'Missed you - you swine!' roared O'Sullivan.

Just then the clouds parted, deep thunder was heard and a bolt of lightning struck Father McGee. And a voice from heaven called out:

'Missed you, you swine!'


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