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Noisy passers by

'I'm sorry to trouble you, Father,' said Reverend Mother. 'But I'm afraid I have a complaint to make.'

'What's that?' asked the parish priest.

'Well, Father, it's the youngsters attending the Friday night dance,' explained the nun. 'When they're coming home they pass the convent and they make such a noise. Last night I couldn't sleep for the noise.'

'Do you know,' said Father Kelly, 'I had the same trouble meself. And really there's no excuse for behaviour that rowdy. Wait till Sunday. I'll give it to them in the sermon.'

Sunday morning came and nine o'clock mass saw the Reverend Father, red-faced, up in the pulpit, bellowing at full volume. 'Now the boys and girls who attend the Friday night dance. Youse are making far too much noise. Last Friday me and Reverend Mother couldn't get a wink of sleep!'

There followed the complete collapse of the congregation in laughter.


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