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A Nun Without Petrol

This nun is driving along in her Renault 5 when she has the misfortune to run out of petrol somewhere near Ahoghill. So she jumps out of the car and walks down the road until she comes to a lane, and at the end of the lane there's a farm, and in the farmhouse there's a farmer, who, being a decent sort of bloke, siphons some petrol out of his Mercedes for her.
Unfortunately there isn't a petrol can about the place, and the only receptacle they can find, after a lengthy search of the premises, is a potty which was lying under a bed in one of the back rooms. So the nun heads off with her potty full of four-star, and walks back along the road until she comes to the Renault. Well, she's standing there carefully tipping the contents into the petrol tank when who should roll up but Ian Paisley in a motorcade on his way to Stormont.
The armour-plated Granada slides to a halt beside the Renault, and Paisley lowers the electric window.
'Madam,' he says to the nun, I have no time for your religion, but I can only admire your faith.'


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