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Frank Sinatra Buddy

Sammy from Belfast goes to Las Vegas for his holidays, and goes to see Frank Sinatra at the Golden Thingummy. Halfway through the night he's standing in the toilet when who should come in but the man himself.
'Excuse me, Mr Sinatra,' says Sammy, 'but I wonder if you wouldn't mind doing me a favour.'
'Sure,' says Frank. 'What is it?'
'Well,' says Sammy, 'I've met this beautiful blonde and I'm trying to chat her up. It would impress her a lot if you come down through the dinner tables at the end of your show and say "Hi Sammy" as you're passing our table.'
'No problem,' says Frank, zipping himself up.
So Sammy goes back to his table and Frank goes back up on stage, and after he's finished three encores of 'My Way' he strolls down through the tables, welcoming the gratuitous accolades of the gathered throng. And as he's passing Sammy's table he gives a big cheery smile and says: 'Hi there Sammy, my old buddy.'
'Piss off, Frank,' says Sammy. 'Can't you see I'm with someone?'


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