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A Nun Without Petrol

Not So Big

Admission To Heaven

Not There

All That Bread

Nothing Opens On A Sunday

All Wrong

On My Back I Would Like...

Animal Imitations

O'Reilly The Mole

Bottle Or Battle

Passing The Blame

Brothers Kipper

Private Game

Cashed Cheque

Right Position

Catholic Fish Bait

Sausage Collection

Dippy Wife

Scrounging A Match

Dog Who Likes Football

Sermon To The Deaf

Eat Your Own Wake

Sunday Collection Profit

Forgot Me Keys

Supporting Billys Head

Frank Sinatra Buddy

Thats Expensive

Good Use

The Ballymena Psychiatrist

Gorilla Affair

The Blessed Sneeze

Got Out Just In Time

The Catholic Scrubber

Guess Who We Bumped Into

The Drunk

Heads Or Tails

The Dummy

Hey Buddy

The Oldest Man

Highly Strung

The Protestant

I Take My Hat Off To You

The Size Of The Runway

In Or Out

University Silly

In Tears


In The Popes Opinion

Waiting To Divorce


Walking On Water

Insult To Sheep

Watch Guarantee

Just Like Home

What A Catch

King Herald's Archers

What Did I Do With That Money

Light Attraction

When Did You Take Them

Looking For A Job

When I Grow Up

Lost American

When In Rome...

Missed Match

Who Is Looking After The Shop

Mouth Granade

With The Help of Larne

Moving A Drunk

With The Help Of Tampax

My Daddy Is A....

Wrong Place

No Idea Of Rituals

Wrong Religion

No Longer Hard Of Hearing

You've Got Problems..

No Pleasing Gabriel



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