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No Pleasing Gabriel

A Ballymena man died and arrived at the pearly gates. Naturally enough, before St Peter would let him in, he had to have some evidence of good deeds carried out during his time on earth.
'Well, said the Ballymena man, 'once on Christmas Eve I gave 2p to an old woman in the snow. Mind you, I'd knocked her down in my Mercedes, but I could have just driven on.
'I see/ said St Peter. 'Anything else?'
'Once I gave a penny to a little blind boy whose parents were killed in an accident at my Bible publishing plant.
'I see, said St Peter. 'I'll just have to check this with Gabriel, So he picked up the phone and got through to Gabriel and gave him the details.
'Give him back his 3p and tell him to go to hell, said Gabriel.


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