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The Size Of The Runway

Ulster International Airlines were having a little trouble on their first flight to New York. Captain O'Reilly turned to his co-pilot as they approached Kennedy Airport and said: 'It looks from here as if they've only given us a very short runway. We're going to need a really steep descent, then brakes slammed on and engines full in reverse.'
'Roger, said the co-pilot.
The name's Patrick,' said Captain O'Reilly, preparing to land.
The jumbo came screaming down almost vertically, pulled out at the last minute, hit the tarmac with brakes locked and engines screaming like banshees, and shuddered to a halt half an inch from the edge of the runway.
Captain O'Reilly and his crew got out to inspect the landing.
That was a close shave, said O'Reilly. 'I've never seen such a short runway in all my born days.'
'Neither have I, said the co-pilot. 'But look at the width of it!


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