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What A Catch

A Fermanagh man was standing on the bridge near Kesh watching an American fishing, and he noticed that before each cast the American dipped the bait into a bottle which he kept by his side.
The local was astonished when five minutes later the American had half a dozen fine trout flapping on the shore beside him.
Intrigued, he walked down to the river's edge and asked the visitor what was the secret of his success.
'It's no secret, friend,' said the American. 'This here is a good old bottle of the finest Kentucky bourbon. The fish just go crazy for it.'
So the local rushed back to his little cottage and dug out his fishing rod from the parlour. Not having any Kentucky bourbon, however, he hoked out a bottle of poteen and decided that would do just as well.
Later that day the American was on his way back to his hotel when he met the local coming the other way with a salmon the size of a baby elephant slung over his shoulder.
'Well, friend, I see the old bourbon trick worked for you too,' said the American.
'You should try poteen instead,' said the local. 'When I got this boyo out of the water it took me five minutes to get the worm to let go of his throat.'


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