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With The Help of Larne

The Royal Irish Rangers were on jungle patrol in Belize when they came to a crocodile-infested river which they had to cross to get back to camp. After three men had been killed trying to swim across with a rope, Sergeant O'Reilly turned to the two Belfast men in the platoon.
'I'm afraid it's going to have to be one of you two,' he said.
'That's all right, sir! said Billy. I'm sure Sammy will go.'
'I don't mind, sir! said Sammy. I'm not afraid!
So Sammy got the rope between his teeth, stripped off and dived in.
'Well, said the sergeant, 'that's the last you'll see of him.
'Not at all, sir! said Billy. 'Here's a tenner says he'll make it.'
The money changed hands, and the next thing they saw was Sammy clambering up the far bank with the rope in his teeth.
'My God! said Sergeant O'Reilly. 'How did you know he would make it?'
'It was easy, Sergeant. He's a Larne supporter, you see.'
'Well, he's got "Larne for the Cup" tattooed on one buttock and "Larne are the next League Champions" tattooed on the other, and not even a crocodile would swallow that.'


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