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With The Help Of Tampax

Two Cookstown men saved up all year and went to Blackpool for a week for their holidays. They had a wild time gorging themselves on pink rock and milk stout and running around in Kiss-Me-Quick hats playing all the video machines...
Such a wild time, in fact, that by the Friday they only had a quid between them and a whole day to spend before the coach left for Belfast that night.
'I tell you what,' says one to the other, 'take the quid and go down to the shops and buy a pack of cards or something to keep us amused. It'll give us something to do.'
So his mate goes down to the shops and comes back five minutes later with a packet of Tampax.
'What the hell did you get these for?' asks the first fella.
'Well,' says his mate, 'look at the side of the packet. It says we can go swimming, or horse-riding, or play tennis...'


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