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Anti submarine warfare

It was the height of the war and ships were being lost at a terrible rate from submarine activity in the North Atlantic. It seemed that no ship lasted more than five or six trips before being torpedoed and sunk. All that is except the Emerald Isle freighter skippered by Seamus McKenna and crewed by Kerry's finest. The Emerald Isle had survived over fifty trips. Eventually news of this amazing feat was sent to the Admiralty and their lordships decided to find out the secret.

They placed a veteran officer on board and he questioned the skipper.

'We can't believe that your survival is just down to good luck,' he said.

'No, no. Not at all,' replied McKenna. 'Sure, our success is due to a very simple anti-torpedo drill. Wait till we're in the thick of it and we'll show you.'

Two days later the convoy reached the notorious stretch of sea called 'Submarine Alley'. Within twenty minutes, five ships had been hit and blown up. Suddenly, the lookout on the Emerald Isle called Torpedo on the port bow!' Out in the distance the British officer could see the bubbles and the track of the torpedo.

'Right, lads,' called McKenna. Torpedo drill. Everyone to the port side.'

Every man ran to the rail.

'Now,' shouted McKenna. 'Everybody lift!'


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