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What is that?

Casey and McBride were coming home from a Sunday lunchtime drinking session, when they stumbled over a large cadaver by the roadside.

'It's a mule,' said one.

'No, 'tis a donkey,' said the other.

'Here comes the parish priest, he'll settle the matter.'

'Father, could you help us?' asked Casey. 'Could you tell us if this is a mule or a donkey.'

'It's neither,' said the holy man. 'It's an ass. And don't leave it there. Get a shovel and bury it.'

Ten minutes later the two boys were hard at it digging up the soil when O'Shaughnessy happened along.

'What's that you're doing, lads, digging a fox hole?'

'Not according to the parish priest,' said Casey.


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